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In Memory of Emma

May 20, 1988 - June 12, 2012

Emma was a player in the Women's Division for two seasons - Fall 2011 and Spring 2012 - who was tragically killed in a biking accident in Brooklyn on June 12, 2012. She was a well-liked, talented player who had a true spirit for the game and represented what PBLNYC is about.

As an honor to her memory, we partnered with the Safe Streets Fund of New York for a year following her death to raise funds and awareness about bicycle safety in NYC. Through generous contributions and various fundraisers, we were able to present the SSF with $1,500 in Emma's name. Additionally, as a way to remember Emma's spirit, we re-named the Sportsmanship Award in her honor. The Emma Blumstein Sportsmanship Award is presented each season to one player in each division who demonstrates a great respect for their competitors and teammates, shows an ability to accept victory and defeat graciously and conveys a high level of humility and integrity. These are qualities that represented the kind of basketball player and the kind of person that we all knew Emma to be. 

Read Emma's online obituary HERE.

Read the Safe Streets Fund tribute article HERE.  

"Emma will live on forever in the hearts of the members of the PBLNYC. Her love of basketball and athletics brought her to us, and her positive energy and stellar personality made her unforgettable. We chose to dedicate our past season to Emma and to raise money for the Safe Streets Fund to honor her memory. We know that by partnering with the Safe Streets Fund to educate everyone on safe cycling and sharing the road peacefully we can help prevent tragedies like these from happening in the future." - 
PBLNYC's Women's+ Division Board of Directors 

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